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noun noun: consumption

1. the using up of a resource: "industrialized countries should reduce their energy consumption" synonyms: use, using up, utilization, expending, depletion, ... more
▪ the eating, drinking, or ingesting of something: "liquor is sold for consumption off the premises" synonyms: eating, drinking, ingestion
▪ an amount of something that is used up or ingested: "a daily consumption of 15 cigarettes"
▪ the purchase and use of goods and services by the public: "an article for mass consumption"
▪ the reception of information or entertainment, especially by a mass audience: "his confidential speech was not meant for public consumption"
2. a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.


released May 30, 2017



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Step into the mind of a true American Combat Soldier, as he reveals his life experiences and turmoil through music!

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